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Our program graduates are available to work with you.

Small-Nutritious-Movement-CertifiedNutritious Movement grants a Restorative Exercise Specialist certificate to students completing our corrective exercise training program.

Small-Nutritious-Movement-Certified-SkypeNo teachers in your local area? There are instructors who offer sessions via Skype. Find a list of Skype teachers by clicking here.

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Small-Nutritious-Movement-Certified-SkypeIf there are no teachers local to you, or if you prefer the convenience of a session in your own home, consider a session via Skype.

Below is a list of our program graduates who offer corrective exercise sessions via Skype. To find the best instructor for you, check out their links to see who they are and the logistics of their online sessions.

Carol Robbins
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lisa Gillispie
Columbus, Ohio, United States

Jen Hoffman
Orlando, Florida, United States

Tanya Gribble
Baldock, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Christine Altman
Torrington, Connecticut, United States

Breena Maggio
Ventura, California, United States

Barbara Loomis
Portland, Oregon, United States

Susanne Reinhold
Ottawa, Canada

Debbie Beane
Magnolia, Texas, United States