Katy Says…Radio!?

Did you miss me?  I know.  I’ve been blog-absent for more than two weeks!  I can’t believe it, but just in case you thought I was eating bon-bons (what are bon-bons, anyway?) by the pool, let me do a quick run-down on where I’ve been spending my time.

  1. I’m writing my upcoming Best-Selling (think positive!) book, Curing the High Heel Hangover.  I have less than ninety days to finish it.
  2. I’ve been super-vomity sick forever.
  3. I went to the Emmy Awards three-day pre-event with My-Happy Feet to help the celebs out with their award-show feet.  It wasn’t pretty, but more on that topic later this week.
  4. We’ve been arranging our East Coast and West Coast certification programs.

and, I’ve started a radio program.

Wait.  A what?  That’s right.  KatySays…Live! now has an audio component (for those of you who hate to read, or really like the gravely sound of my voice).  You can find links to shows you have missed by clicking on the Katy Says Radio tab at the top of the blog.  Other radio interviews will be added, including my favorite interview EVER, with Liz Koch (www.coreawareness.com).  In case you missed it, click here to listen!

The next KatySays…Live! show will be on Stress.   If you’d like to know what stress is (it’s not what you think it is at all!), register to listen to the live show, where you can ask questions and interact with your alignment-interested peers.  If you miss it live, check the Katy Says Radio page for the recording.

Topic:  De-frag Your Physiology Before Your Neurological Hard Drive Crashes!

When:  Thursday, September 9th, 12:15-1:00 PST, followed by Q and A.

Free to register: http://www.instantpresenter.com/PIID=E151DC8786

Look for more blogs, giveaways, and HOMEWORK this week!

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9 thoughts on “Katy Says…Radio!?

  1. Hi Katy!

    I’m loving listening to the broadcast, and loving getting the level of detail and feedback that’s there. However, the audio quality leaves something to be desired – it’s plenty loud, but has lots of feedback, fuzziness, and just plain bad audio quality. Are you doing this on a telephone headset set really loud? This would be a good time to invest in a good microphone. 🙂


    1. Mary – the Liz Koch interview was done via phone, which is her preferred method. Our Katy Says broadcasts are done with recording software, sound awesome — mostly due to my expensive headset! Thanks for your comment! – Katy

  2. Katy, I saw your blurb in Redbook over the weekend about going barefoot. I thought “hey, that sounds like something Katy would say”….and sure enough, it was.

    Hope all is well!

  3. Glad to hear some of what you’ve been up to, Katy. And here’s a quote I just read that was new to me:

    Walking is man’s best medicine.
    –Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine (460-377 BCE)

  4. Oh, Katy, I’m sooo glad to hear that!! It was so valuable, but so difficult all at the same time. Now I’m looking forward to your radio broadcasts all the more…

  5. I’m all stressed out about missing the KatySays…Live! show on Stress. Will there be a recording we can hear in the near future (or are the voices in my psoas lying to me again)? I was already fragged as a result of KatySays Blog withdrawal. Now I’m worried that stress isn’t what I thought it was! I can’t even trust my own stress…I need a cup of coffee.

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