13 Ruth’s Place #G, Sequim, WA 98382

We offer:

  • Group Classes

    These are one-hour movement classes for up to 30 people where you’ll get stretching and strengthening, mobilizing and stabilizing.

    You can choose classes with a theme that appeals to you, or come to times that work with your schedule. A certified instructor will keep you moving and thinking the entire time! Most classes are suitable for any body.

    To see upcoming events, check out the schedule.

  • Private Sessions

    If you have a specific body issue you’d like help with, or just prefer one-on-one instruction, a private session is the best choice. You get one hour with a certified instructor to answer your questions and guide you through a series of exercises and stretches that will address your specific concerns.

    To see upcoming events, check out the schedule.

  • Workshops

    If you would like more in-depth instruction, a workshop is the perfect solution.

    We offer 2-day workshops around the world. With a 10:1 student:teacher ratio, you’ll get lots of personalized attention! See schedule for details.

  • Retreats

    We offer three- and five-day retreats for students wishing to come study for an extended period.

    These retreats feature movement classes, both indoor and outdoor, on varied terrain and equipment. Daily guided walks with staff. See our “Staying Well in Sequim” page to help with travel, accommodations, and resources for your visit.

    To see upcoming events, check out the schedule.