If you don’t love to read, podcasts and audiobooks are an excellent way to learn. And even if you do love reading, audio is awesome because you can take it on the road with you. In an effort to reduce her screen time (and yours), Katy spends lots of time creating products you can use while moving.

Yes, you can listen to them while sitting in front of your computer, but you can also load them onto to your iPod or other device, or play them on your computer while you do work around the house, etc.


You can find Katy’s audiobooks on Audible and iTunes. The audio for Don’t Just Sit There is found here in a digital package published by Primal Blueprint Publishing.

The Katy Says Podcast


Join movement geek Dani Hemmat and biomechanist Katy Bowman for discussions on body mechanics, movement nutrition, natural movement, and how movement can be the solution to modern ailments we all experience. There are currently over 60 episodes worth of free learning to be had!

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Dani & Katy

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