Pain-Free Pelvis Kit

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*Nutritious Movement™ for the Pelvis 

*Movement Multivitamin

*Move Your DNA 

*Diastasis Recti 

*All Fo’ The Pelvic Flo’ Snack

*Stretching the Standing Muscles Snack

*Adductor Madness Snack

*Quads and Hams Snack

*A Balanced Approach To Hip Strength Snack

*Equipment Set

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Product Description

Many people suffer issues of the pelvis. Based on Katy Bowman’s graduate work on the pelvis, this kit is designed to restore missing movements and aid you in moving your pelvis–and your whole body–in a way that supports pelvic health. Note: International customers, you can build an all-digital version of this to save on shipping. 


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