How are all body issues whole-body issues?


Your footwear can affect the accelerations in your neck and the tensions that develop there.


Your chair forces the muscles in your legs and hips to adapt, and to continue to sit in the same way is undoing the effect of your stretching efforts.


Your habit of tucking your pelvis can affect the strength of your pelvic floor and the geometry of your digestive tubing.

All of this to say that your body is complicated, and what you’re experiencing is the sum total of how all your parts move…or don’t.

You can absolutely search our products and begin learning to move the parts that are giving you the most grief, but after helping hundreds of thousands of people move differently, I can tell you that the greatest success comes from a head-to-toe approach, even when it’s not super clear why you’re stretching your calves for your achy shoulder.

For this reason, we’ve organized our micronutrients into kits. You can still find easy-to-start-with videos for small areas of your body—pelvis, feet, shoulders—but we’ve also created kits for you that offer slightly broader programs so that your exercises stick.

Some kits that focus on body parts:

  • Healthy Back Kit
  • Pain-Free Pelvis Kit
  • Aging Gracefully Kit
  • Healthy Foot Kit
  • Pain-Free Pregnancy Kit
  • Healthy Workplace Kit
  • Better Balance Kit
  • Get Started Kit

    If you find yourself needing exercises for many body parts, consider the Get Started Kit.

    This is a $$ saving kit if you need exercises for many body parts!

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You can always purchase our products one at a time—there is no need to order many products at once!

If you find a kit that interests you, just use the product list as a program guideline and order classes or DVDs five or ten bucks at a time, when you’re able to. No matter which product you start with, if you’re slowly assembling our kit recommendations you’ll be working through exercises that approach the broader movement deficiencies that might be contributing to your problem area.

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