This Blog in 2017

This is the first year I’ve put a garden to bed. Not surprising, as this is only the second year I’ve had a garden. When it comes to gardening I really don’t know what I’m doing, but (also not surprising) I’m going for it anyway. I don’t feel I must know how to do something perfectly before I actually do it—I’m more of a hands-on learner. I find I can’t actually grasp…

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The Books I’ve Written

I’ve written numerous books (eight, at this point) and I’m often asked “Which book should I read first?” This question is difficult to answer because we’re all in a unique place physically, have individual foundations of knowledge, and have different reasons for reading. Movement is a very large topic and not everyone approaches it with the same intention; some people are drawn to one of my books because most contain helpful exercises for various…

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Movement Matters: Children’s Books and Things

I’m getting ready to officially close my blog. It will stay available, but I will close that chapter of my service over the remainder of 2016. Before I go off-blog, I’ve written this and two more posts to help  integrate the content of Movement Matters into your own life should you wish.  Movement Matters covers a lot of ground, but if I had to sum the book up with one (compound) word…

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Core Strength Advent Calendar 2016

Day 1: Trapeze (aka Tree Climbing Prep). A big thwart to abdominal force production is stiffness in the low back (and also in the upper back and shoulders, but that’s coming up later). I’ll be giving you things to address pelvic mobility next, but for today, see what you got. Lie on your back holding a strap or belt as pictured in Step 1 (eventually you can lose the 3″ advantage that…

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Movement Matters: Movement and Eco-Friendly Clothes (and Why They’re the Same Thing, Really)

Movement Matters is a book about the role our personal movement plays in the world. That is, how much movement is required for our survival and how much of it have we outsourced to others? This post is part 2 in a series providing even more actionable items we can choose to take, personally, specific to different topics addressed in the book. I’ve never hidden my love of comfortable, stretchy workout clothes….

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Movement Matters: 21 Ways To MOVE For Your Holiday Meal

Don’t freak out, y’all. I’m about to write a blog post. My first since earlier this year, mostly because I’ve been busy writing books I stated publicly I wouldn’t write. Regardless, I wrote them because I needed to, and now one of them, my most important writing so far, is ready. Movement Matters is a book of essays that weave the seemingly unrelated threads of exercise, food, sustainability, and human rights into…

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