Gait 101

October is National Walking Month, or “Walktober” for those with refined sense of humor. This is the first of at least one post on walking this month. Enjoy 🙂

I’ve been reading a lot of magazine articles and blog posts discussing gait patterns, and with the recent addition of barefoot running and minimal footwear, these discussions are popping up more and more often. Of course, many of the discussions are filled with errors and inaccuracies – both mechanical and semantic – so I thought I would put out a sort of clarification piece, should anyone need to wade through the good, the bad, and the ugly with a reference guide to the accurate.

What is gait?

Originally, the term gait meant a manner of walking, but has since become used more generally, referencing any pattern of limb (arm and leg) movement while moving on foot. Everyone has a particular gait pattern, or way of moving. It comes from a combination of how one learned to walk as a child by mimicking those around them, a lifetime of musculoskeletal habits, and any injuries thrown in along the way.

Your gait is so specific to you, that the government has worked on developing technology that recognizes a particular person from satellite video based on this pattern. Your face you can hide. Your gait pattern, not so much.

Walking and running have been specifically defined to avoid errors in research and resulting conclusions.

The clinical definition of walking requires the mover have at least one foot on the ground at all times. Human walking should be a mechanical process that moves the pelvis (your center of mass) in a smooth forward-moving line. Your loaded knee shouldn’t bend, your pelvis shouldn’t twist, and your head shouldn’t be bobbing along. And P.S. This smooth walking requires whole-body participation from head to toe and is the end result of perfect mechanical alignment.

The clinical definition of running requires the mover have a “flight phase,” or period of time during each gait cycle where no foot is touching the ground. This means that the center of mass ping-pongs along, accelerating and decelerating in each cycle.

Here is a high-tech side-view image of your center of mass during the ideal form of both activities:

Correct walking gait patterns are entirely different from correct running patterns.

The smooth translation of the pelvis while walking requires your foot to move through four points: Heel strike, foot flat, heel off, and toe off. If you don’t begin with the heel while walking, it means that you can’t use your posterior muscles to propel you forward, which means you don’t have the natural strength you should have in your gluteal muscles. Which means weak pelvic floor muscles too, but you can read about that here (click).

Running, due to the much higher G-forces and abrupt changes in whole-body direction (even though you feel like you’re moving forward, the body is really traveling mostly up and down while running) requires more force absorption than walking. This is why, when you run, you should land on the front of your foot so your calf muscles can work eccentrically to slow your crash-crash-crash into the ground. What’s the force difference between walking and running? I’m glad you asked.

A quick lesson in G-forces:

“G” or gravitational forces are a relative unit, based on your particular mass.

Standing is a 1-G activity. If you weight 160 pounds, then your body is dealing with 160 pounds of force.

Walking is a 1.5-1.75 G activity. If you weight 160 pounds, then your body is dealing with 240-280 pounds of force.

Running is a 2-3 G activity. If you weight 160 pounds, your body is dealing with 320-480 pounds of force.

If you are in the movie TopGun and your name is Maverick, you would be in a NEGATIVE G-Pushover with a Mig 28. Keeping up foreign relations. You know, giving them the finger? Yes, Goose, I know the finger.

{Just in case you were wondering what I was doing between the ages of 12 and 14, this was it: memorizing the TopGun movie so that when I was a naval aviator, I would know how to talk. Really.}

To quickly summarize, should you be the sort of person who flips to the back of the book:

Optimal gait pattern for walking is heel-toe.

Optimal gait pattern for running is toe-heel.

In the last three national-publication interviews I did, the journalist wanted me to explain correct gait for barefoot footwear like Vibrams or Sockwa. I asked for clarification — for walking or running? They didn’t know what I meant. There wasn’t room in the article for the difference. Couldn’t I just quickly tell them how to use the new barefoot-shoes correctly? In five sentences?

You can see why I often want to poke things into my eye.

I wrote this post to help you discern between accurate and not-so-accurate information presented in articles on running and walking gaits and to help you understand the biomechanical requirements of each. Also, don’t confuse the minimal-footwear and barefoot movement with a running trend. Every human needs to be able to walk correctly before they run and shoe characteristics as we know them are interfering with the health of the entire body.

I took an awesome hike today. I hope you did too.

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54 thoughts on “Gait 101

  1. Thank you for the insight. It’s helpful to see this presented in a clear way! Do you have more information about what the “action” of the pelvis (or perhaps lack of) should be while running? I’ve read contrasting views and haven’t arrived at one that feels totally smooth yet. Also, do you have any suggestions for people who feel like they have more trouble connecting with the muscles on one side of their body (left) vs the other (right)?

    1. Pelvis should, ideally, be staying neutral (don’t want to bang up the spine for your sport, do ya?) but this requires a psoas that lengthens correctly. And, the dots in the pictures represent what the pelvis is doing, although you’d want to minimize the distance the pelvis travels from the ground because the higher it goes, the harder you land (more impact) and the more wasteful your run is. If you’re trying to move forward, moving up and down is all a waste of energy and knee cartilage. That’s why walking trumps running, you know what I mean?

  2. Thank you for posting this! I have been trying to figure out the correct way to walk in my Vibrams and I had been trying to translate the running foot-strike pattern into walking and it wasn’t working. Now I see why! I assumed that the correct running foot-strike pattern was also correct for walking–oops!

    1. That’s why I posted! I heard about 5 Vibram sales *kids* explain “gait” to people soaking it in. They had no idea what they’re talking about and now there are a bunch of people going to spread who knows what about the barefoot movement…

  3. Excellent. I had plenty to say about walking ( and how to ignore 16 year old sales person’s walking advice) when my friends bought vibrams, but when they asked about running I wasn’t so sure. Why would you run when you could walk! Now I’ll just send them this post. I think I’ll send it to the store where I got my vibrams too.

    1. I love love love walking. And, I think a lot of people run because they can’t walk easily. There is less muscle force used in running. More body damage and less muscle work 😉 It’s like downhill skiing compared to cross country. No one likes it as much because it’s way harder 🙂 I, of course, ADORE X-country skiing. And, it’s almost time! We’re going to do a Restorative Exercise day-trip during cert week. Maybe you’ll join us?

      1. I like cross country skiing too, but I can be a little bit wimpy about the cold. I have no interest at all in downhill skiing. I would love to come. When will it be?

  4. Thankyou Katy! I’m doing the opposite to Jessica and trying to convert my walking foot strike and pelvic rotation into a smooth running pattern. I have psoas and pelvic rotation issues. You address every question I have without me even asking in your blog. I’m always so amazed at how you read minds! Sue.

    1. I’m in your mind, Sue. Mu-hahahahhahahahha. *evil Halloween laugh*. Work on the psoas first. Once it lengthens, this transition will be easier.

  5. Katy, your biomechanical knowledge is awesome, but it’s the LOLZ that keep me coming back. 🙂

    What are those shoes you’re wearing in the hiking picture? They look strange and wonderful.

    1. Amna, they are my new Sockwa ( They are warmer than my Vibrams (which I love xoxoxoxo) and I can wear socks with them. Plus they are *muy* affordable and come in bright colors. Do I need some purple ones? I think yes.

      1. Oh, yeah!! Thanks for the info. Just what I was thinking about now that it’s getting cold here in NJ. I definitely need some purple ones. 😉

  6. Thank you Katy this very subject has been on my mind a lot lately. A few of my clients have read “Born to Run” and are into Chi running. I haven’t read the book, but I looked up a video on Chi running and it appears that the Chi runner is falling forward. Is this the correct way to run since the runner is landing on the front of the foot, or should the upper body still be in a plumb line with the lower body? Any thoughts on Chi running?

    1. You know – everyone gets one piece of it mechanically right, and then one piece of it not right. Vertical — unless you want gravity doing the work for you…

  7. Oooh! Any chance you’ll do a post about correct gait on hills? I’ve been trying to focus on rolling through my whole foot while I’m walking, and it feels great when I’m on flat ground, but as soon as I walk down the big hill on my way home from school, I find my pelvis tucking and my heels slamming into the ground.

    1. Angela, aren’t you doing the certification course? Or is this a different Angela? There’s an hour lecture on the physics of uphill, downhill, flat…

  8. How do you feel about Newton Running shoes? I swear by them but I broke myself in very slowly because I had been a heal stricker in heavily heal cushioned running shoes my entire life. What a difference for shock absorption!

    1. I should add that I went from a heel-toe running strike to a toe-heel running strike and I had to break myself in VERY slowly. 5 minute increments.

  9. What about someone with PF, are the Vibrams or Sockwa a good choice. I have been following your blog for awhile. it has helped me, but still dealing with PF off and on for over 7 yrs now.

  10. What is this certification I keep reading about in the comments. Is it through you Katy?


    Love this post.

  11. Grrr. When I first started running in college, I ran toe-heel. It was just the way it felt right. But then a friend who had run track in high school informed me that I was doing it wrong. So I switched to heel-toe. I’m sure 20 years of that didn’t do any harm. Thanks for sharing all of this, Katy! I’m learning so much!

  12. I have some comments today, Katy. An efficient runner does not bob as much as you are suggesting. Inevitably they will bob slightly more than a walker but heel/toe runners are certainly inclined to bob a lot. The critical attitude of the spine is to remain lengthened not vertically plumb. To lean – from the ankles – is efficient and does use gravity rather than inefficient muscular pushing/pulling power (again this is characteristic of heel/toe runners). Take a look at top sprinters – their heels never touch the ground. Take a look at Kenyan and other barefoot runners – their heel barely caresses the ground. Take a look at Rugby and other running field sports as they attempt to weave through the opposition – they could not do this if their spine were plumb.

    In walking the heel certainly contacts the ground first. But as the weight is transferred forward, the foot quickly flattens. Again, it is efficient to let gravity do the work and a push-off should rarely be necessary on even ground. Take a look at indigenous peoples walking – never mind the rest of us barefooters – to see this in action. Lastly do have a look at the site where all this stuff is discussed in a very scientific fashion.

    Love your work and your great humour. Keep it up!

    1. Rob – I should have put *not to scale* on my drawing. And, you see the ping-pong ball action and think *It’s not that much!” but you don’t realize (cuz I didn’t write it) that the sum total of joint deformation at the ankle, knee, & hip is what I am drawing – not the height of the head above the ground 🙂
      And, I agree with your entire post, but here is the main difference. You, and the researchers who are working on current gait and running studies use the term efficiency to mean energy conservation during the period of the run. This is why many athletes use gravity — as an aid to perform, in the moment, beyond their internal mechanical output. I use the term efficiency to mean the amount of energy expended over the entire period of running and recovery over a lifetime. Leaning forward will help you perform better in the moment, but increases, (significantly) the total forces in the knees, feet, and hips. The increased loads of a non-vertical mass during of acceleration and deceleration require much more use of the passive tissues in the body – the stuff that wears out because muscle is pulled out of the game in these *efficient athletic* positions. Recovery also takes energy, and the recovery of running is much greater than the recovery of walking. Walking is much more efficient than running on the bigger scale.
      An argument is only valid in the parameters that the variables are defined. This is a blog about natural movement for an injury and disease-free life, not a blog on fitness. Fitness and movement are two different things. For a lifetime of efficient movement, Newtonian physics, geometry, and biological science will present the most valid arguments. I am well-versed in gait research. It’s what biomechanists do 🙂 I’ve read and worked with all research available, years and years before the barefoot crew started looking into gait and it is all short-term performance related and has nothing to do with health or wellness.

      And, P.S. I’m not even going to talk about sprinting and how that’s entirely different (and has a different goal) than either walking or running. When you have a lot of people not well-trained in mechanical variables putting together blog posts and books on *natural* movement, it gets a little less valid. There’s a lot of words that have scientific and semantic definitions that are being redefined by pop-use — even in research. But it’s cool, man. Everyone is trying to do stuff with good intentions!

      Thanks for your post. Love to have you on the blog!

      1. Katy! What are you doing up at 3.49am? Oh, I know… it’s that little bundle of need which will all too quickly start to walk and run. Please don’t confuse him/her with Newton etc but do watch how he/she does it. They are natural born barefooters!!!

        1. Rob, Why are you coming onto my blog at 4:AM pretending to be all charming and stuff? And NO, I wasn’t up that early. WordPress has a terminal time error. I was up to midnight though. And, what do you mean CONFUSE my child with Newton. CONFUSE him with physics? Confuse a kid with math? No way. It helps on wade through the fallacies of life with a compass, if you will.
          My bub, like his momma and dad, is all barefoot or minimal. He will have the advantage of having a “barefoot body” — walking copious amounts as a kid, squatting to bathroom, and many other things that go with a naturally-developing pattern as opposed to simply removing his shoes at age 30.

          Taking your shoes off changes things for sure, but the gait pattern of a shoe-wearer stays in the body just like the bike riding program. It’s not enough to take off the shoe. You have to retrain the entire package. Is it possible? Sure. That’s what we’re all doing here. But what I find very funny (besides myself, of course) is the strive for *natural running*. How many animals go for 5-10 mile runs daily? None. That’s how many. And why not? Because it’s entirely wasteful and prevents the actual amount of work that would need to be done in a *nautral* setting. Native populations are still modern ones. Ya? And also – researching gait patterns on a treadmill. Hello — the treadmill completely reverses the natural walking pattern.

          But anyway. I’m not entirely sure of the point you are trying to make. That one should lean forward, allowing gravity to do the work during an exercise bout not using their god-given posterior muscles to move them forward so they could then go to the gym to work them on a machine? Sorry. My academic offering is how to use your body in a controlled way and develop a greater resting metabolism. Not reduce output to be able to participate in high-G activities with hi impact and minimal muscle contribution.

          Either way, I still think you’re cool Rob. Come to America for a week. I’ll give you a tour… 🙂

          1. Katy… 100% with your comment on treadmills. Re. “natural” – recent item on our news about a group contacting a very remote Amazon tribe. They are very healthy indeed but with some strange ideas about killing “faulty” babies and taking “the poison” before they get to about 40yrs old!!! However they still hunt and gather and in their natural and normal activities walk AND run. Of course all tribes once did the same. I’m sorry (actually I’m not at all sorry), but I don’t equate “modern” with better in every regard. We could carry on this discussion indefinitely so I had better save up enough for a trip Stateside and take you up on your offer to do it justice in person. I think your cool too – just wish you were a bit shorter and not married. Oh, and I wish I were about 30 years younger!!!

          2. Wait. Is this the same Rob that proposed to me on the blog awhile back? I really messed that one up. I’ve always wanted to live in NZ. And, I think I’ll be lecturing in AUS next year – maybe I’ll drop by on our NZ road trip.

            And, I’m sure that we’d agree on all items, if we had the time (and finger speed) to work through all of our semanic/definitions. I find that everyone is just about on the same page.

            WE ARE THE WOOOOORRRLLD, WE ARE THE CHIILLLLLLDRREEEEN. Me, doing a little singing there.
            And, I’m not really that tall. 5’7″ is pretty average, although maybe da ladies are a little more petite in NZ? I’d want a tall woman to hold me at night, Rob. Think of how cozy it would be…

            Peace and Kiwis.

  13. I’m a runner, but I don’t kill myself over excessive training. I love the feeling of running and racing…you know in case I get chased by a bear one day 🙂 I would love to hear you talk about the biomechanics and wear and tear on the body of speed-walkers…I can’t even watch people do that, it hurts too much.

  14. K this explains a little why I don’t like walking s-l-o-w-l-y – like behind a bunch of ‘stroller’s’ at the mall. Drives me crazy – because I cannot get my gait going properly! There is a rhythm to getting the body to propel forward properly – and the slow, start-stop stuff at the mall, after a while, is almost painful. I LOVE to walk – briskly – and using my hamstrings and glutes as much as possible. I have never enjoyed running…was sorry about that for a long time – but now am glad. It has probably saved me a lot of misery!

    When are you going to post about the facia? (sp) I want to know more – and how do we work with healing injuries to it? I was asked today after a yoga class I taught – “will I ever get all of my flexibility back?” She hasn’t done yoga for 20 years, is now in her mid-60’s, and concerned that some poses are no longer available to her. She did running for some of those years instead…)-: but without any yoga to compliment. She probably has “shrink wrapped” her body…I’d love to have more info on this!

    Thanks so much!

    Do you recommend the half roller for improving a squat? I am doing these daily!!! Can almost get my feet parallel to each other now – not quite…

  15. This is timely because I was just reading this (make sure you don’t have any eye-poking instruments close by):

    If you read the comments you might pull out your hair. People found when they no longer had arch supports in their shoes, they landed on the outside of their foot and rolled inward. Then they conclude that is natural and correct.

  16. Great post, thank you. I also like running (and walking too, but sometimes need a run to clear the day away). I’ve been walking in Vivo barefoot shoes for three months, but both my pairs of running shoes have heels, and one is old skool with lots of cushioning. Have you got any advice for people who do want to run, and I’m talking about 3-4 miles about three times a week at a slow pace, for relaxation, not ultimate endurance stuff, and what they should wear on their feet? Am I better sticking to my heeled shoes, which are starting to feel odd now, or running in flat shoes and cutting right back? I’d also really love a post that looks at how the foot and ankle work during walking and running, as am worried I’ve been walking rolling in from the outside too, uh oh! Thank you.

  17. Katy,

    Interesting article on gait. Ive been wearing my Sockwa G2’s for about a year straight now, and have to tell you that it’s awfully awkward to begin wearing traditional shoes again. They feel weird, constrictive, and generally uncomfortable.

    I hope that we can continue to learn more about the benefits of walking and running as close to barefoot as possible. I haven’t really encountered terrain that doesn’t work for my G2’s.

    I hope you are well up north and that Fin is awesome.

    Please advise when we can connect again in person.

    Thanks for educating us all.

    David Z

  18. I want to revisit the comments about Chi running. I hear what you had to say about not getting full use of your running muscles, i.e, from “natural” running gait of toe-heel. But, as you stated, that gait pattern puts your body through almost twice the force of walking. What if – there was another gait pattern that allowed running to be less stressful on the joints, and conserved energy, which would also add to the enjoyment of the experience, keeping you motivated and outdoors enjoying more time in nature?

    In Chi running, the slight lean and mid-foot strike, takes less energy and shock absorption, but you are still using your muscles and dealing with terrain change and and expending energy. This is surely more natural than any exercise you would do at the gym. I am not a die hard runner and I am rather new to chi running, but it has allowed me to find joy in running and keep me outdoors looking for new trails. For me, it made a lot of sense as your are conserving form and powering the effort from your core and when put to the test, it felt like a more natural way to propel on two feet .

    You have opened my eyes to so many great wonders of the human body. Maybe— Give Chi a chance.


    1. Laurie – I don’t have any issues with Chi Running – I am not an advocate for running because in the bigger picture, running is not better for your health than walking. I take so much pleasure in nature and being human that increasing my level of physical exertion is not required to keep me outdoors or motivating to stay in nature.

      To you, your personal experience is telling you that your current exercise plan is beneficial. And no doubt to you, it is right now. My science is a much, much broader set of “rules” that govern human performance. When you have a bigger scope, you come up with a different solution. And, P.S. My post on running was not to endorse the heel-toe running style, only to say that there are how things are defined. If running is defined as having a flight phase, then coming up with a brand of running (Chi Running) that is eliminating the flight phase is confusing as a scientist.

      I’m glad you are enjoying communing with nature, and do so for the rest of your life! There’s nothing more@

  19. Thanks, Katy. I do mix up my outdoor fitness with walking, as well. Always a big believer in cross training to avoid over-use. Sockwa shoes look great, but I only see pink on the website. I would like them in purple, too!

  20. Katie, Chi Running does NOT eliminate the flight phase. It does use the full cushioning effect of whole leg – toes through to hip – to reduce stress on joints caused by heel/toe. Inevitably running causes some extra weight bearing but not the joint ruining heel/toe foisted on us by Nike etc! Dr Romanov expresses it well through his Pose method. Sorry, I must stress again that running is natural and healthy for us all – not just children.

    1. Ok, thanks for chi-running/flight phase clarification. Then because there is a flight phase then the physics dictate that there will be excessive high displacement (even if this happens that the knees) to the center of mass. This alone makes it harder on the body’s tissues than walking. I would agree that walking has health benefits for people. I would also say that there are negative, unnecessary impacts on the tissue that are not beneficial for health. And, there are no physiological benefits to running that are superior to walking, all things being equal Running a bit is certainly natural. Running alone, however, with hips and a spine that doesn’t articulate, a psoas that doesn’t release, and in those that have such poor muscle function that their blood pressure is being managed with medication are at risk while running. This population that I am speaking of make up 80% of everyone using running as a health-practice. Running as presented as an exercise program is hugely oversimplified and poorly prescribed. I say this as a scientist and as someone who loves running. I just can’t choose to do it knowing how the empirical data stacks up. Sorry to be a bug, but when I read other people’s presentation of Joint impact and loading and body adaptations it is often clear that they are not using the terms correctly nor following the basic principles of science.

      1. Also, Rob, you say running is natural and beneficial – and I’d like to ask you, do you feel ALL running is beneficial? All styles and techniques? Done at what intensities? On what terrain? In what type of footwear? What is the duration and distance that is suitable quantities for health? Have you considered how much caloric expenditure is required for running as opposed to walking? How, eating to fuel your healthy habit is the same as buying extra gas just to drive your car around? There is no data suggesting that humans ran for health. All humans required extremely high amounts of endurance, of all types. Human movement follows the laws of specificity. Running doesn’t help you become a better walker. Would you say that humans were traveling 800-900 miles per year and then running once they got somewhere?

        Movement and exercise guidelines are riddled with inaccuracies because the semantics of science has been completely lost. You can’t say “running is healthy” unless it’s healthy for every one at any time. Should a 350 pound person be running for their health? Should my grandma (she’s 80 but feisty!) What about the 2/3 runners taking an anti-inflammatory for their hip or knee issue run for their health? How about those runners with the knee braces? Is running health for them?
        So many questions.
        I’m done now…

  21. Hi, Katy, I recently found your blog after a friend suggested it, and I was looking up some things you had to say on barefoot running and saw this post. I just have a quick question, about the picture you’ve posted… are these your shoes? And if so, could you tell me where you got them? I’ve been searching for a good minimalist shoe, and these look like exactly what I’ve been wanting! Thanks in advance for any information you can give me. Thanks!

  22. Katy, just got your book and read cover to cover! Trying to do all the exercises (and also trying to be patient, like you say) I have a pair of flats to wear for walking,and also am trying a pair of Earth sneakers. Because of my VERY tight hammies, I think I am still having the pain in my heels when I try to wear the Earth shoes, I have to believe that even in the flat shoes I have to be rolling forward a bit. Should I give up on the Earth shoes, or just give it more time? Those hamstring stretches are soooo hard for me!!! I will keep trying though!


    1. Give it a little more time – the negative heels put a little more stretch down the back of the leg, so take your time transitioning. And, P.S. it sounds like you’re a mover and shaker when it comes to getting your health on. Inspiring!!!

  23. How much does the softness of the ground affect the correct gait? How important is it to walk on uneven soft ground, as opposed to flat and hard surfaces? I live in a city, not so close to any real walking terrain, and am wondering if it is worth the effort of driving to such a place, or if walking on a sidewalk is close to just as good. Thanks!

    1. Well, you can start by optimizing your gait on solid and flat, and then progress to soft and uneven, which has additional benefit for sure!

  24. Katy,

    I love the science and logic behind your work–thank you! I’m not sure if this is the best place to post this or not.

    A question about treadmills…I’ve read many of your posts that say to walk lots, but not on treadmills. I understand the logic, but due to my current family situation (2 preschoolers and a baby due this winter) and my geographical location (limited daylight and cold / icy winter conditions)…Looking ahead to winter: is it better to have consistent movement by using a treadmill when necessary, or to wait and only walk on the ground (or in malls, etc.) as time permits? (Perhaps as infrequently as a few times a week) It seems like it should be easy to just go for a walk every day (and I don’t really mind the cold), but thinking about bundling up so many little ones is just a bit daunting… 🙂 Thanks so much!

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